Our Customer Reviews

I Love Using Tyto!

We’ve done several telehealth visits with our 2-year-old daughter who suffers from recurrent ear infections. Without Tyto I’d have to make appointments with urgent care and drive to the office several times a month with my 2-year-old and 5-year-old in tow. Now I can easily have her ears checked by my doctor from home and I don’t have to deal with long wait times. All of my experiences using Tyto have been great. It’s easy to use, works really well, and makes seeing a doctor from home effortless. I definitely recommend it to anyone with kids. I plan to take it with us on vacation this summer!

– Krista, Allied patient

TytoCare is Transforming Medical Care

With the Tyto Device I’m able to evaluate your child’s ears and throat, hear heart and lungs sounds, and make a diagnosis - all while you’re able to stay home in the comfort of your warm living room.

- Dr. Brian Goldstein

I can see exactly what you’re seeing while you’re home, on vacation, or when you can’t get to the office. When I see your child’s throat, ears, or listen to his or her heart and lungs, the quality is the same as if it were an in-person exam. I endorse this product wholeheartedly.

- Dr. Kerry Frommer Fierstein